About Tree4Kids

Nature Education – A Better World

The group naturally came together after meeting through environmental education events. We have a shared passion for education, the environment and wildlife.

We are educators, therapists, ecologists and playschool leaders.

Our mission is to inspire children about the natural world and nurture a deep sense of stewardship. Above all, we hope to see a new generation of children develop into caring confident adults with a sense of connection to the environment. We see this as crucial, especially in a time when species loss and environmental degradation is happening at a faster pace.

A healthy environment with clean air, access to nature and wild spaces means a healthy child.

Ecological education is also essential in facilitating a new generation of young people who are connected to their natural world and hopefully can see the importance of protecting species and habitats.

We deliver fun engaging activities where the main theme being the importance of wildlife and habitats upon which we and they depend.

Time spent outdoors has proven to help children’s learning, health, confidence and mood. Moreover helping nature has never been so important and every individual can help.

Founder of the group, Carly, is an ecologist who has been delivering nature education since 2009.